Hi, I'm Dr Rebecca Faris, founder of FlourishEd.

I am an Experienced Veterinarian who has felt the highs and lows of working in mixed and emergency practice, giving me a mindful understanding of the challenges caring professions face.
In following a curiosity to learn to be a better vet, I instead found a passion for becoming a better human. I have taken that passion seriously and graduated with a Professional Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, gaining experience by educating whole-of-school communities in how to be resilient, whole-hearted contributors to society.
As an experienced wellbeing educator, I understand that the WAY we do things can have as much an effect on our mental health as WHAT we do. Using a positive and playful approach to presentations, I coach organisations to create an optimal environment for the people and their business to flourish.
As a big picture, scientific thinker I use my analytical skills to consult with progressive leaders to design and deliver evidence-based wellbeing workshops and progress them towards creating sustainable, mentally healthy businesses.